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An ending and a new beginning

11 Sep

*Deep breath*

I have not been present in blogland; that which prompted me to begin this blog in the first place finally came to pass, yet I still cannot freely speak of it…Mostly because it is not my story to tell, but also because I was hoping against hope that it would ‘go away’ and then I would never have to think about it again.

It did. And I haven’t.

So often in life, crappy things happen to us, or to the people we love, and we have no choice but to accept issues as they come up, and deal with them, or hide our heads and hope they go away…especially if they are outside our sphere of influence. Such a thing recently happened to ‘us’–to one of us in particular, but as is so often the case, it really happened to the whole family. We all got sucked in, and tossed around for the 6 months it took for this issue to resolve, and there were so many times it could have all gone so wrong; but every time, it worked out, as well as we could have hoped for, and ultimately just went away. Well, it didn’t just go away…but it is done. Best-case scenario, and many lessons learned, by everyone.

To say that my level of stress has decreased would be a gross understatement–I went from needing to create a blog to write down things I couldn’t say, to having no need for one at all. Then I realized: There is still much to navigate, and this unfortunately will not be the last time one of my ducklings threatens to go belly-up in the pond, and so I shall continue to blog…Hopefully for awhile it will be full of good stuff, so that when things begin to fall apart, as I know they will, I will have some good memories to fall back on.

So: Crisis averted. School has started. Manchild done with summer school, now caught back up after taking a term off for surgery. Girlchild entering her senior year (a veritable fount of future blog-material, I’m sure.) and boychild entering his second year of high school, but has already missed the first day due to baseball…so much for ‘education comes first’, but then again, it’s nothing I didn’t already know. Bigchild (that would be my husband (; ) still looking for the yellow-brick road, but they’re all good, so I’m good.